HGTV(LOS ANGELES) — Here’s the story, of a lovely family, whose famous TV home just got rebuilt.

That story — the 2018 renovation of the world-famous North Hollywood home known as the “Brady Bunch house” — is the centerpiece of HGTV’s new series A Very Brady Renovation…and the Brady family will soon gather to celebrate.

The six Brady Bunch siblings — Barry Williams, who played Greg; Maureen “Marcia” McCormick; Christopher “Peter” Knight; Eve “Jan” Plumb, Mike “Bobby” Lookinland, and Susan “Cindy” Olsen — will walk the red shag carpet at the Garland Hotel in Los Angeles for the show’s September 5th “shag carpet” — instead of red carpet — premiere.

With them will be HGTV renovation stars like Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine from Good Bones, Jasmine Roth from Hidden Potential, and other celebrities yet to be announced.

As for what was done to the house, remember that only exterior shots were used on The Brady Bunch. The new series documents the top-to-bottom restoration of the home, making it so its interior and exterior perfectly matched the house you see in the TV show. 

While the actual set was only one level, with the “upstairs bedrooms” next to each other on the same floor as the living room, the renovation experts on the HGTV show made it look like the two-level home we all remember — and replicated the classic show’s interiors right down to the smallest bits of Brady bric-a-brac.

No word on whether or not the famous football that broke Marcia’s nose will be one of the items recreated on the set.

HGTV’s A Very Brady Renovation debuts September 9.              

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