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The SAG/AFTRA strike is keeping actors from working and now there are rules about how to celebrate Halloween. The union is saying striking actors are prohibited from wearing costumes from major studio productions like Barbie. Some A-listers are calling them out and pushing back, while telling them to get back to the negotiating table.

Halloween staples like Star Wars, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, and American Horror Story and anything from Marvel Studios and DISNEY also a no-go.

What CAN they do?  The union suggests a ghost, zombie, or spider. LOL! Fran Drescher is the President of SAG/AFTRA and reacted to Hollywood halting negotiations:

They had given us a proposal package. We worked for like 36 hours on it. We brought it back to them. We walked them through it and they left and then called a few hours later and said, ‘We’re breaking negotiations.’ So it’s not only baffling but wholly disappointing and counterproductive. I’ve never really met people that actually don’t understand what negotiations mean. Why are you walking away from the table?