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Spelling Is Fun! But There’s A Typo On Taylor Swift’s Merch

For Taylor Swift, spelling may be fun…but punctuation is a bit of problem.  It turns out a word is printed incorrectly on some of her limited-edition merchandise.

One fan pointed out the error on Twitter, posting a picture of the shirt decorated with a line from Taylor’s hit “ME!” that reads, “Your’e the only one of you.”  The apostrophe on the word “you’re” was placed after the “r,” instead of where it should be: after the “you.”

“EXCUSE ME! I’ve had this shirt for nearly a month and you’re telling me it’s had a typo THIS WHOLE TIME!!” the fan wrote of the misplaced apostrophe.

Swifties promptly checked their own merch items, and while not all of the shirts had the mistake, the jokes began rolling in.

“There’s a typo on the new @taylorswift13 merch! So much for ‘Spelling is fun,’ am I right?” one wrote.

Then, because this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about, the conspiracy theories started rolling in too. Some began speculated the mistake was actually one of her notorious Easter Eggs.

“But what if the merch typo was intentional,” a fan tweeted.

Another guessed, “Your’e on @taylorswift13 ‘s merch is because it closely resembles ‘Urie’ to reference @brendonurie??? #ConspiracyTime.”

Taylor’s single, “ME!” features Brendon Urie.

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