Will Heath/NBC(NEW YORK) — Saturday Night Live turned its attention away from President Donald Trump this weekend, and on to Massachusetts Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, who revealed how she intends to fund her Medicare-For-All plan on Friday.

The sketch began with Warren, once again played by Kate McKinnon, hosting an Iowa town hall, where she fielded questions about her plan.

The Q&A kicked off with Cecily Strong, who identified herself as a “still undecided” Kamala Harris campaign worker, who wanted to know why Warren took so long to release the details of her plan.

Grousing about how she’s the only candidate being pressed on her funding strategy, McKinnon’s Warren replied, “When Bernie [Sanders] was talking Medicare-For-All, everyone was like, ‘Oh cool,’ and then they turned to me and said ‘Fix it, mom,’ because that’s what moms do.”

When another audience member, played by Alex Moffat, asked how her plan compared with former vice president Joe Biden’s, to which McKinnon declared, “It exists.”

McKinnon’s Warren then went on to reveal how she’d raise the proposed $52 trillion for the plan, which included getting Amazon CEO Jeff Bezoz from paying “no tax, to a tax.”

The plan also called for taxing banks: “All we gotta do is convince J. P. Morgan to operate like a non-profit.”

The final question came from new castmember Chloe Fineman, who was hesitant to leave her current plan carrier, despite being dissatisfied with it.

“You’re going to call him and you’re going to end it,” McKinnon continued. “And then one day Blue Cross Blue Shield is going to text you from the club saying, ‘Baby I miss you.’ And you’re going to say: ‘New phone, who dis?’”

When pressed if Warren had her vote, Fineman answered, “I don’t know, Pete Buttigieg seems nice.”

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