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Smart Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips To Follow

There’s nothing worse than being on a video conference when you realize you forgot to put on regular clothes and you still have on your Mickey Mouse jammies.

Well, here are some etiquette tips to help you and your colleagues create a better video conference:

  • Mute mobile and other devices – especially the notifications
  • Dress up the parts – remember to wear clothes
  • Stage the workspace – don’t leave your unfolded laundry pile behind you.
  • Put some thoughts on lighting and outlook – don’t be too bright so no one can see you and don’t point the camera to where it’s looking up your nose.
  • Arrive on time – being late virtually is more embarrassing than being late in person.
  • Turn on the video – The other participants don’t want to talk to a blank screen. If you don’t want it on, at least put a professional photo of yourself up.
  • Plan ahead before sharing your screen – Have all of your documents ready prior to sharing your screen. Meaning, don’t have everyone waiting and watching while you click around to find your docs. Also, make sure when you share your screen, you don’t accidentally have adult natured items visible.
  • Use the “raise hands” feature – this will definitely help avoid interruptions.
  • Save the snack for later – it’s impolite to eat during the conference, so either eat before or save it for later.

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen during a video conference? What drives you crazy about being on a video conference? What etiquette tip would you add to the list?

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