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She Found Out She Was A Princess Now Disney Is Making A Movie Of Her Life

This story has everything! Mystery, princesses, and Disney!

Sarah Culberson was living her life with her adopted parents in West Virginia and decided that she wanted to know more about her biological family.  Culberson turned 21 and hired a private investigator who found her aunt and uncle living in Maryland.

Before she knew it, she went from being Sarah Culberson to Sarah Culberson, princess of the Mende Tribe in Sierra Leone!

Her uncle gave her the news and since then has embraced her royal heritage by creating the “Sierra Leone Rising” non-profit foundation. The foundation advocates for education, public health safety, and women’s empowerment.

Disney caught wind of her amazing story and plans to make a movie about her life! How cool is that?

Would your life change if you found out you were royalty? Would you get more involved in the community, wear different clothes, act differently? Or would nothing change?

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