Shervin Lainez Ever since SHAED broke through with “Trampoline,” fans have been wondering when the Washington, D.C. trio would be releasing a full-length album.  Well, the good news is that they’ve been working on it, and it’ll feature some cool collaborations.

SHAED, who surprised fans when they released a remix of “Trampoline” featuring former One Direction member ZAYN, tells Billboard that they’ve been working on the record while on the road.

“We can’t say yet, but we’ve been able to collaborate with some amazing artists that we’ve always wanted to,” says group member Max Ernst.

While SHAED has released a follow-up single to “Trampoline” — “Thunder” — they say they’re in no hurry for “Trampoline” to be over, even though it came out in May of 2018.  That’s because after topping the alternative charts, it’s now climbing the pop charts.

Group member Spencer Ernst, Max’s twin, tells Billboard, “We’ve been getting good, positive feedback on the new song, but [radio] stations are definitely like, ‘You know, we’re still pushing “Trampoline” real hard.’ So it’s just a timing thing.”

“Honestly, the ride has been unbelievable,” singer Chelsea Lee notes.

SHAED wraps up their tour December 15, and tell Billboard they’re excited for fans to hear their new music “soon.”

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