Image courtesy of Universal PicturesLater this month, Jason Derulo will make his big-screen debut alongside Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift in the movie musical adaptation of CATS.

The singer tells the New York Post that while he knew it was the right role for him, he had to get touch with his feline side to play Rum Tug Tugger.

“I’ve always been a dog person. I got two dogs,” Jason says.  But he adds, “Learning the ins and outs of a feline, how complex they are, definitely made me more of a cat person. They have so much personality. One second, they wanna be your friend and they wanna be petted. And then the next second, they’re like, ‘Get off me. Like, what are you doing?’”

So how did a dog person know CATS was the right role for him?

“I receive scripts all the time, but I was waiting on the right role, the right movie, because it’s easy to be considered a musician that just goes to acting because he can, as opposed to actually being a talented actor,” says Jason. “I wanted to choose a role that would be a part of a legacy, a role that should be remembered in some way.”

CATS hits theaters December 20.

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