Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie play out a colorful love story in the video for their new duet, “ME!” But the real love story was going on behind the scenes…between Taylor and a kitten.

A new behind the scenes video shows the moment Taylor met her new cat, Benjamin Button, on set. The kitten was only supposed to make a cameo in the video, but from the moment he started purring in her arms, Taylor knew she had to have him.

“I know kittens are cute, but that kitten’s special,” she says.

She and Brendon couldn’t stop talking about the kitten throughout shooting, either.

“I love that you got him, too,” Brendon says. “It’s the sweetest thing.”

“And whenever I watch the video, I’ll just be like that’s the first time I saw him,” Taylor gushes.

Taylor revealed the new addition to her family, which also includes cats Meredith and Olivia, last Friday – the same day she released the new song and video.

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