Portland, Or. –  Two groups of volunteers will gather this afternoon  at 4 pm to continue the search for missing University of Portland student, 18 year old Owen Klinger. One group will meet at Cathedral Park and the other will gather at the Portland Tennis Center. Klinger hasn’t been seen since Sunday, October 6th.

His father, Dustin says they’re worried that he’s worried about things at school, ” but we haven’t been able to find anything concrete  that can lead to  what’s going on. We want him to know that nothing is, can’t be dealt with. Everything would be okay. We just want to know he’s safe.”

He says his son “was an emotional, concerned guy. He was worried about other people more than himself more often and that’s why this is so out of character.” He says they’re worried maybe he was trying to help someone or going out to do something for someone else.

How to help:  Cal 9-1-1 if you see Owen call 503-823-1081 if you have information or [email protected]  Email find [email protected] if you want to help share on social media.