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Scrambled Easter eggs: Taylor Swift tells her “expert level” fans, “Happy decoding!”

Beth GarrabrantJust in time for Easter, it’s more Taylor Swift Easter eggs.

Taylor promised that the re-recorded version of her album Fearless would feature six songs “From the Vault” — that is, songs that almost made it onto the original album, which she’s now gone back and recorded.  She’s already released one of them: “You All Over Me,” featuring Maren Morris, but now she’s teasing the rest of them.

On her socials, Taylor posted an animation show a golden safe opening and a whole bunch of letter groupings flying out, like “EFB” and “GENAURIFT” and “EMNRA.” This is set to music that sounds like a Taylor song played backwards.

“The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you’ll think I am after you watch this video,” she captioned the image. “Level: Expert. Happy decoding!”

One fan has taken a stab at it, writing down all the letters and unscrambling them to make words like “you,” “me,” “we,” “happy,” “baby,” and “Bye.” 

Further decoding reveals that the words “Featuring Keith Urban” are contained within the scrambled words, meaning that the country superstar is a guest artist on one of the Vault songs.

Another fan seems to have hit upon the correct concept: All of the scrambled words make up the titles of the Vault songs. The fan came up with a list that includes songs called “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” “Bye Bye Baby,” “We Were Happy,” “You Don’t” and “That’s When,” in addition to the already-released “You All Over Me” featuring Maren Morris.  However, this isn’t confirmed, so keep an eye on Taylor’s socials.

Meanwhile, some fans seem to have had enough of Taylor’s Easter eggs. One wrote, “Like for once can we have a normal announcement. i am sick of being sherlock holmes.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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