Sam Smith’s New Year’s Eve message: “FEEL IT ALL!!!”

Marc Piasecki/WireImageSam Smith decided to make their New Year’s Eve post a version of the decade challenge, where you post a picture of yourself from 10 years ago — and doing that inspired them to deliver an empowering message to their fans.

“Seeing you all post throwback photos and moments made me message my friend from school and ask if she had any photos from 10 years ago when I was 17. And I found this ICONIC picture above,” they captioned the post.

The photo shows a young Sam wearing a dark suit and crouching in a dancer’s pose, while clutching a large pink flower and two even larger tote bags, one of which is a fake Louis Vuitton.

“This picture made me emotional because the confidence and freedom I’ve felt the last year is EVERYTHING I had those 10 years ago,” Sam writes. “This to me is a beautiful and important reminder that as we get older, life can get tough. As growing adults, we get launched into this sometimes cruel and heartless world. And through that we sometimes feel like we lose ourselves and that spark we once had.”

They continue, “But the truth is, if we fight on, do the work, keep singing, dancing and loving…we will be O.K. The kid in this picture went to school everyday in their non binary gloriousness and ignored every stare or verbal taunt that was thrown their way. That kid never left. They just had some hardcore feelings to feel.”

Sam then concludes, “So to all you beautiful humans on the last day of 2019, my only advice after my very short time on this earth is… FEEL IT ALL!!!! And celebrate your sexy selves. I’m raising a spliff and a glass of wine to the sky for you all.”


So tomorrow is 2020. Wow. I find Times like these are this crazy mix of happy and sad, where we look back at the last 10 years and think of all we’ve been through in our lives.

— Sam Smith (@samsmith) December 31, 2019


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