While Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom haven’t publicly acknowledged their engagement beyond a cryptic Instagram post, Katy’s American Idol colleague Ryan Seacrest had no problem confirming the happy event on Live with Kelly & Ryan on Tuesday.

Ryan congratulated Katy on the show, and then described how there was pressure on Valentine’s Day for their American Idol shoot to be on schedule and wrap up on time. At the time, he said he didn’t know why, but now he realizes it was because the big proposal was in the works.

“Turns out, I guess, Orlando had this whole evening planned out…she went from Idol and then a few hours later, we saw the post up on Instagram,” he said.  “She’s so happy. It was actually really beautiful to see her the next day so happy and beaming, so congratulations.”

He also showed a photo of Katy posing with Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and himself backstage, and she’s wearing her engagement ring.  Ryan joked that during the Idol taping, Katy was judging with sweeping hand gestures, to show off her ring on camera.

Meanwhile, a source close to Orlando tells People magazine that the couple is “still busy enjoying and celebrating their engagement,” adding, “They haven’t shared any wedding details yet. They are planning a big engagement party for all of their friends. It will be very special. They are both so happy and excited to be engaged.”

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