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Rixton Rebrands Themselves As Push Baby, Shouts Out Ed Sheeran In New Single

Remember Rixton? Back in 2014, they scored a huge hit with the song “Me & My Broken Heart.”  Well, the four members of Rixton are back, but they’ve rebranded themselves as a completely new band: Push Baby.

It seems the guys didn’t think that the music they were making as Rixton reflected who they were as artists, so they stopped making music until they figured it out. Push Baby is the result.

The first taste of the group’s new sounds is the single “Mama’s House,” which is about having to move back in with your mother after a brief stint of independence.

Lead singer Jake Roche explains, “We were away for years, and I come home to everyone thinking I’m now rich and famous. They think I’m getting all kinds of free stuff and living an amazing life. In reality, we’re back to square one.”

The song features a shoutout to their friend Ed Sheeran, who they’ve toured with in the past, as Jake sings about going to a private club in London and not having access.

Jake sings, “My membership ran out, so I call Ed to get me in/’Hey man, it’s me again/Forgot to pay my fee again/I need you to call the desk and tell the girl to let me in again.’”

As for why the band has named themselves Push Baby, apparently, the band decided to use the phrase — most closely associated with a woman giving birth — because they want to be “authentic.”

Jake explains. “We’re giving listeners the truth. The truth can be funny at times. It can be scary at others, but it’s always real.  And hopefully by the time anybody is reading this, the search results for ‘Push Baby’ will be more than just women giving birth.”

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