Source: YouTube

During a hiking trip in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, a group of swimmers were lucky they were found by some hikers that included an off-duty police officer who ended up saving their friend after she disappeared under a waterfall!

The officer, Bruce Lake, was exploring the Laverty Falls area with his wife and friends, and he was initially told that everything was okay. But one of his friends noticed a woman out in the water looked exhausted and might need some help, and that’s when everybody watched her disappear under the foam.

One of Officer Lake’s friends said it played out like something “out of a bad movie” after she disappeared a second time and didn’t emerge. So Officer Lake jumped in, but the water was deeper than he thought and he had to wave his arms and legs underwaters trying to find her. 

His hand brushed her arm, so he pushed her toward shore and her friend grabbed her arm. But now Officer Lake was getting sucked back to the same spot only for her to reach her arm out for him to grab it and they got pulled in together.  Officer Lake’s friend is a photographer and captured a picture afterwards. Right place at the right time!