Zendaya and Tom Holland; JoJo Whilden/Sony Pictures Entertainment(LOS ANGELES) — After Spider-Man: Far from Home became Sony’s highest-grossing release of all time, the studio has decided to end its partnership with co-producer Marvel Studios, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently, Sony and Disney, which owns Marvel, couldn’t hammer out an agreement to extend the landmark deal the studios cut in 2015, which brought Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That leaves a big hole in the MCU, which now potentially must do without Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.  It also hurts Sony, which benefited from the inclusion of MCU characters like Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Samuel L. Jackon’s Nick Fury.

It also eliminates Marvel president Kevin Feige, the lead producer on 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home, from shepherding future Spider-Man films.

In a statement to THR, Sony says, “We are disappointed, but respect Disney’s decision not to have [Feige] continue as a lead producer of our next live action Spider-Man film…Kevin is terrific and we are grateful for his help and guidance and appreciate the path he has helped put us on, which we will continue.”

There is hope though, as sources tell Entertainment Weekly that negotiations are still ongoing, so the character’s fate isn’t sealed yet.

Sony announced Monday that Far from Home had surpassed Skyfall to become the studio’s most successful release, delivering $1.109 billion globally. The film will be re-released over the Labor Day weekend with four  minutes of additional footage.

Disney is also the parent company of ABC News.

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