Nathan Congleton/NBC(NEW YORK) —  It’s very possible that Reese Witherspoon’s 20-year-old daughter Ava constantly hears “You look just like your mother!”  The mother-daughter duo proved just that in their recent Instagram snap.

The 43-year-old actress posted a photo of the two standing side by side before a fun outing with the caption, “Girls night out with my favorite daughter! (ok she’s my only daughter but still).”

The two are wearing bright red lipstick, chunky earrings, and black tops.  However, despite the matching outfits, fans can’t seem to get over how much Ava looks like an exact replica of her mother when she was 20.

Fans and friends couldn’t stop gawking about their doppelganger situation in the comments section, either.  Zoe Kravitz gushed, “omg my lil gorgeous twinZzzzzzzz” while Mindy Kaling hilariously declared, “I fainted.”

This isn’t the first time people freaked out over the twinning Witherspoon-duo.  A month ago, the Big Little Lies actress posted a sweet lunch selfie with her daughter, which earned similar remarks.  

It also didn’t help that in the post before that, Reese shared a throwback photo of what she looked like in the 90s.  

That said, it probably isn’t so bad to hear over and over again that you look like your mother when your mom is actually Reese Witherspoon.

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