Portland, Ore. (KXL) — People who visit the Oregon Zoo will get a rare treat and it may last a while.

Check it out:

Animal trainers say a pair of Bald Eagles have taken up residence somewhere near the zoo’s heavily forested “Great Northwest” area.

The massive birds of prey have even visited inside the zoo at times.

“These new arrivals have been very vocal,”  said Travis Koons, who oversees the zoo’s bird population. “And they can definitely see the three birds in our Eagle Canyon habitat.”

Trainers say it looks like the Eagles are raising chicks in a nest somewhere nearby.

That means the Bald Eagles COULD stick around the zoo for the next several months — perhaps through summer.

Two of the wild birds have the distinctive white heads and tails of adult bald eagles, which means they’re at least 4 or 5 years old — and also makes them easy to spot in the treetops or the skies.