Here is the latest quarantine bop that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head! The 80’s-style-pop song is by Ohio based singer, songwriter, producer, Alex Angelo. We get that it’s a “spoof” song, but that doesn’t stop us from actually loving it. With lyrics referencing washing your hands, FaceTiming and having your heart “six feet apart”.

Angelo says, “Like everyone else, I have a lot of time on my hands right now. I write, produce and record music in my house, so I kinda feel like I have been preparing for this time for my whole life. One thing we still have is creativity. If I can keep myself busy, and provide entertainment to make this time go faster, and more enjoyable for others, that works for everyone!”

Angelo also does a weekly live podcast called “Robetalk” and is releasing a new song every 3 weeks. The next release is called Out The Dark, dropping on 3/27. Follow Alex – @alexangelo,