PORTLAND, Ore. —  Fisticuts barbershop in Portland’s Hollywood District is making it, one haircut and conversation at a time.  Owner Roberto Hernandez says he came to Portland and fell in love with the city.  He founded Fisticuts about 6 years ago and then moved to NE Sandy & 46th about a year and a half ago hoping to stake a claim in a neighborhood where he could grow along with his clients.

Roberto says it’s been a tough go because of Covid and Portland crime.  He has had his share of setbacks, but feels like if he does the people right, they’ll do him right.  He’s a huge sports fan and gets behind the Portland Timbers and loves boxing and the UFC – that’s where his clever name came from.

Hernandez says he is thrilled to be one of the recipients of the Comcast Rise Award.  He took a chance applying for the award and was selected.  He says he is looking forward to working with their media experts to upgrade his technology infrastructure and create a killer commercial.

Roberto spoke at length with KXL’s Brett Reckamp.  You can hear their full conversation here: