Andrew MacPhersonPink‘s Beautiful Trauma tour translated to some beautiful box office receipts for the singer in 2019.

Pollstar, which tracks the live entertainment business, puts Pink in the number-one spot on its Year End Top 100 Worldwide Tour chart.  Her tour grossed just over $215 million and drew more than 1.8 million fans to 68 performances.  She grossed about $3.2 million per show.

The Beautiful Trauma tour was a long one: It kicked off March of 2019 and finally wrapped November of 2019.  Last year, the tour earned Pink a ranking of number four on Pollstar’s list, but in 2019, she rose to number one thanks to an all-stadium series of dates in Europe, including two nights at England’s famed Wembley Stadium.

Pink tells Pollstar, “What’s epic about making this kind of show with this kind of repertoire is that it can be a rock show, it can be theater, it can be Broadway, it can be acoustic. I want fans to feel every kind feeling they can tap into.”

“Anything you do a lot…makes you a master of your craft,” she continues. “I can always get better, but I worked my a** off, and I can go from arenas to stadiums to clubs to backyard barbecues. That’s important. As a performer, you should be able to do all different kinds of music in different stages with different kinds of audiences.”

After Pink, the number-two worldwide artist was Elton John, with a gross of $212 million, followed by Ed Sheeran with just under that number.

Here’s Pollstar‘s full list of Top 10 2019 Worldwide Tours:

1. $215.20 million, Pink, 1,818,933 tickets sold
2. $212.00 million, Elton John, 1,566,241 tickets sold
3. $211.70 million, Ed Sheeran, 2,455,718 tickets sold
4. $179.00 million, Metallica, 1,742,908 tickets sold
5. $177.80 million, The Rolling Stones, 784,652 tickets sold
6. $170.30 million, BTS, 1,334,325 tickets sold
7. $134.20 million, Bon Jovi, 1,310,860 tickets sold
8. $118.30 million, Ariana Grande, 1,096,462 tickets sold
9. $115.80 million, Michael Bublé, 1,002,363 tickets sold
10. $112.20 million, Fleetwood Mac, 795,371 tickets sold

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