Andrew MacPherson

As if Pink doesn’t already attract enough negative comments on Instagram by Mommy-shamers…wait’ll they get a load of her latest post.

The Grammy-winner posted a brief video of herself dressed in a ski suit, ski helmet and goggles, standing on a table and firing a giant water pistol that’s shaped like a machine gun while yelling “F*** you!” at the top of her lungs.  In the background, the ’80s new-wave classic “Don’t Go” by Yaz is playing loudly.

Her husband Carey Hart can be seen holding her steady. Pink captioned the video, “We like to keep a low profile.”

Pink and the family are evidently on a ski vacation, which explains the outfit, but it’s not clear what prompted the display. Surprisingly, the comments are positive so far, with one fan writing, “Yes girl. Live.”

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