Phase Two Is On Pause For The Tri-County Area

Friday would have marked 21 days since Multnomah County entered Phase 1 and Oregon Governor Kate Brown ordered Clackamas and Washington Counties to join with Multnomah to apply for Phase 2.

Clackamas County has been in Phase 1 since May 23rd while Washington County entered Phase 1 on June 1st.

In a statement on Multnomah County’s website, County Chair Deborah Kafoury says:

We are not ready to apply for Phase II of reopening.

People are working hard to slow the spread of COVID-19 by keeping their social circles small, staying close to home and wearing face coverings. As researchers learn more about this virus, we are finding out how it impacts young people, how severe the illness can be and the potential for lingering health issues, even after someone recovers.

We want to move cautiously toward reopening to avoid taking one step forward only to be forced to take two steps back. Phase II is a big step toward business as usual, and the virus is not sufficiently contained to allow us to take that step. Slow and steady will win this race.

Because of that, we are going to take a careful look at our numbers and how behaviors since mid-May are affecting our infection rates. Our collective choices over the Fourth of July weekend — and the choices we make today — will drive the infections we’ll see in three weeks.

We have ramped up contact tracing of positive cases and outreach to affected communities, and we’re helping those infected so they can isolate until they are recovered.

We are all connected and our individual actions can make the difference for everyone. Until it’s clear the virus is better controlled we’re asking people to continue to work to slow the spread.


Face coverings reduce the spread by blocking droplets and are required in all indoor public spaces, except on those under 12 or with a medical condition that prevents them from wearing one.

Continue to keep your “social bubble” small, reintroducing friends and family slowly, outdoors whenever possible.

Prevention measures — hand washing, face coverings, and sanitizers — are still needed in any gathering, especially when we are socializing with family and close friends from different households.

Continue to keep activities close to home.