People Are Increasingly Reporting Quarantine Violators to Police

Police are still shutting down “corona” parties and other instances of people ignoring stay-at-home and shut down orders–and regular citizens are helping them. The Associated Press reports that people around the world are calling the police about quarantine violators regularly.

For instance, “balcony police” in Spain have helped police arrest almost 2,000 people and fine over 230,000. One yoga studio in Chicago, Illinois, faces up to $10,000 in fines because police were tipped off that the place was still open.

“If we were naughty with the government’s order, then we’re very, very sorry” said the studio owner. “We’re not here to cause problems, we’re here to practice our poses.” In New Zealand, a website set up to report lockdown violators crashed. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, calls have increased substantially. “The fact that we have to do this at all means some people are not interested in self-preservation or protecting others,” said one lieutenant. “We’re not immunologists. We’re not scientists. We’re cops. We’re just trying to do our part.”