Source: YouTube

A man in Dallas was trying to track down the stranger that pulled him from a burning car

Dennis Brown was sitting in a modified rental vehicle that he had driven several times before. It’s modified to operate with hand controls as Brown is paralyzed. He was shot when he was 22 and has been in an wheelchair ever since. Well while sitting in the car parked in a neighborhood, it caught fire. Tammi Arrington happened to be sitting on the couch in a nearby house and saw the flames. She ran out and quickly found a person was in the driver’s seat! When he told her he was paralyzed, she frantically tried to get his wheelchair out and assembled to get him in it. But they quickly realized they had no time…so she dragged him out just as the entire car was engulfed in flames!

In the chaos, he forgot to grab her name. His mother did go to the house she was in to thank her, but also didn’t get her name. And when Brown went back a second time, Arrington had already left to go back to Mississippi. She had been in town helping a friend move. But when she heard Brown was trying to find her again, she reached out to the news station to get connected. Brown wanted to properly thank her and promised to take her out to dinner the next time she’s in town!