(LOS ANGELES) — With a single, creepy picture, Orion Pictures has unveiled the new Chucky, the pint-sized villain of its reboot of Child’s Play.

As previously reported, Mark Hamill is voicing the murderous ginger doll, and he captioned the photo, “He’s more than a toy… He’s your best friend!”  The new Chucky looks kinda like the old one, but he’s lot more high tech.  His hair is much neater, and his overalls say “Buddi” on them, instead of  “Good Guys.”

In the reboot, Chucky is bought by a mom, played by Aubrey Plaza, for her son. Gabriel Bateman plays the unlucky kid with the new “best friend.”

Brian Tyree Henry also stars in the film, which director Lars Klevberg and It reboot producers Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg are bringing to theaters June 21.

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