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Oregonians Less Worried About Crime Than National Average

What is the top crime concern for people in the Northwest? The results of a new survey show, it wasn’t shootings, or vandalism, or protesters clashing with police.’s survey found: “The number one thing that people are worrying about in Oregon is package thefts, which was also the top crime concern across the entire nation.”

That’s right: porch pirates were the top crime concern. The researchers questioned thousands of people across the country over three years, for their 2021 State of Safety survey.

“We learned that Oregon is a pretty easy-going state, they’re not very concerned at all on a daily basis about crime or safety,” said the group’s Rebecca Edwards.

She says Oregonians are significantly less concerned about crime.  “Almost ten points below the national average as far as level of concern goes.”

So who is more worried about crime? Researchers found this striking finding: “Washington is interesting, Washington is definitely a little more concerned about what’s going on than Oregon. We’ve got almost half of the people in Washington are worried about the crime and safety on a daily basis.”

In both states and across the country: the top crime worry was the same.  “Package theft was the number one concern.”

The State of Safety is a nationwide survey that dives into America’s top safety concerns. Over the past three years, it’s surveyed more than 15,000 Americans, and at least 300 from every state, to find out about their perceptions and attitudes about safety and crime.


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