Oregon State Parks, Beaches Close

Portland, ORE – Even the woods are not safe from the coronavirus. Closures going into effect today include some of Oregon’s favorite wilderness spots.

Keeping people away from one of the most popular places to visit in Oregon, will not be easy. The beautiful Multnomah Falls enchants so many people that warning signs are not enough:

Rachel Pawwlitz with the National Forest Service explains: “We decided that people would still congregate and so we wouldn’t be accomplishing our goal.” That goal is to keep both visitors and staff safe.

So today they’re putting up a fence for the Covid 19 clampdown, to make sure people get the message, that the visiting areas and trails are all closed.
And at 5 this afternoon, Oregon’s state parks will also close to visitors. Campers have an even quicker deadline: they have to check out of the parks no later than 1 PM, they’re entitled to refunds for days they’ve already paid for.

The State Park system closure even applies to parking lots and restrooms. City and county parks and other public lands still have the option to stay open.And it’s not just Multnomah Falls that’s closed to visitors.

After visitors made a rush on Oregon beaches over the weekend: coastal communities are telling them to go home.

A tidal wave of visitors is usually a welcome sight in Oregon coastal communities. but right now, they’re saying NO THANKS. Lincoln County Commissioner Clair Hall tells KXL she expects her community will follow the lead of Clatsop and Tillamook and decide today to: “Shut down hotels, vacation rentals and campgrounds, and tell people to go home.”

Many coastal communities already have put out that message, including Astoria’s City council, which is banning visitors from staying in hotels Cannon Beach is closing its hotels today and excluding daytrip visitors through early April. The city of Seaside has shut down down all beaches, hotels, rentals, and parks.

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