PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – A Portland, Oregon couple is suing the City of Seattle and King County over a 2016 attack by a man with a baseball bat.

KGW-TV reports Melanie and Jim Richardson say in August 2016, they were in Seattle when they noticed Nail Muied walking and swinging a baseball bat. Melanie says Muied hit Jim in the jaw, breaking it, while Muied hit her in the head, causing a traumatic brain injury.

Muied was convicted and remains in jail.

Their lawsuit argues police knew Muied was mentally ill, dangerous, and had a habit of carrying a baseball bat.

The couple is suing for an unspecified dollar amount because they believe Muied shouldn’t have been released from jail previously without a mental health evaluation.

The Seattle City Attorney’s Office spokesman Dan Nolte said it’s unfortunate the plaintiffs suffered the traumatic experience and that their office intends to defend the city in the lawsuit.

King County said it couldn’t comment on pending litigation.