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Opening Statements In Murder Case In Clark County Washington

VANCOUVER,Wa–Jury selection was completed first this morning. Judge David Gregerson outlined what was expected of jurors. Front and center with him, is no talking, texting, emailing or use of other social media in regard to this case. No talking about it in person with family, friends, media, or lawyers and staff in the courthouse. No TV, Radio or Newspaper reports should be watched pertaining to this case.

In opening statements the prosecution states the jury will see and understand that  the accused murderer of Nikki Kuhnhausen, David Bogdanov strangled her with a phone chord and her own hair.  He purchased an impromptu one way ticket to the Ukraine and returned 6 months later thinking he was in the clear. Her decomposed remains were found in December 2019 in a wooded area of Larch Mountain in Washington. His Cell phone records will put him there on the night she died.  The prosecution continued to say Bogdanov told police twice in two separate interviews how much he hated, gays, lesbians, and transgender individuals.  It’s believed that Nikki was murdered when her alleged killer saw that she had male body parts.

Defense opening statements took less than 5 minutes.  David Bogdanov’s attorney wants the jury to hear every bit of testimony before it makes any decisions on his fate.  Bogdanov has stated Nikki was high on Meth and tried to attack him.  He had to defend himself. David Bogdanov faces second degree murder charges. the case is being tried as a hate crime.  Nikki’s law protecting transgender, Gay, and LGBTQ individuals came into being because of Kuhnhausen’s death.

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