Portland, Ore. — A fatal house fire occurred on Tuesday morning in North Portland, resulting in one casualty, according to Portland Fire and Rescue (PF&R). The incident was reported at approximately 6:43 a.m. when fire crews were dispatched to a house fire on North Schofield Street, located between Delaware Avenue and Brandon Avenue. Upon their arrival, the fire was characterized as small, emitting light smoke from a second-floor window, as confirmed by PF&R.

Upon entering the premises, firefighters discovered a person inside the house and successfully evacuated them. Regrettably, the individual succumbed to injuries sustained in the fire, as stated by Portland Fire Public Information Officer Rick Graves.

Graves reported that multiple occupants emerged from the house through various exits; however, it remains unknown whether they were the homeowners or tenants. No animals were reported inside the residence during the incident.

The house was described as having excessive clutter, impeding the firefighters’ access inside the premises. Graves described the conditions as “hoarder-like,” leading to minimal structural damage due to the fire being predominantly confined to the amassed objects.

The fire was extinguished shortly after 7 a.m. North Schofield Street will be closed for several hours during the investigative process, according to Graves.

The presence and functionality of smoke detectors inside the home remain uncertain. Graves emphasized the importance of these devices, highlighting their role in saving lives. He advised the public to install smoke detectors in their homes and regularly check them to ensure they are in proper working order.