iStock/monkeybusinessimages(LOS ANGELES) — After Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy appeared on the Wendy Williams Show earlier this week to reiterate her “regret” over kissing married film director Antoine Fuqua, she also denied releasing a statement claiming her steamy smooch was just a “friendly hello.”

Now, the blogger who Murphy accused of fabricating that statement is speaking out…and he has the receipts.

According to blogger Love B. Scott, Murphy was trying to walk back her initial statement as part of her “damage control” campaign. To clear his name, Scott posted a screenshot of their conversation, where Murphy’s response can be seen.

“hey my love! this is B. Scott let me know if I can assist in clarifying the pictures that hit the internet today,” the first message reads.

“Antoine and I are just friends,” reads the response. “I ran into him in Italy and We exchange[d] a friendly hello and that was it.”

As previously reported, fans took Murphy to task after she was spotted locking lips with the director. Fuqua, who has been married to Waiting To Exhale actress Lela Rochon for 20 years, was in Italy for the Ischia Global Festival, where he was to receive the Director of the Year award.

After the photo went viral, Murphy released a statement to TMZ, where she apologized and said it was a “mistake.”

Murphy has yet to comment on B. Scott’s response.

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