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Newberg Schools Weigh BLM, Pride Ban

Signs and flags: are they symbols of love and acceptance, or divisive and distracting? Once again the Newberg School District is taking a look at the issue.

Some parents with kids in Newberg schools agree with the district’s decision to ban Black Lives Matter and Gay pride flags and signs. At Tuesday night’s meeting, one father said he took issue with Black Lives Matter signs.

“It’s certainly not a symbol of love, to those of us that have members of our family in law enforcement,” he said.

But others disagree.  One mother pointed out  that at least one student in the Newberg District was part of a Snapchat group called “Slave Trade”, showing what she calls,  “A clear illustration of the racism and discrimination that plagues this community.”

Newberg School board members echoed similar arguments.  They are taking a second look after passing the ban on BLM and Pride symbols in schools, with a 4 to 3 vote, about one month ago.  They’re still not sure the ban meets legal muster. 

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