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Newberg Parents Speak Out

Newberg School District parents are very divided in their views on the board’s vote to ban political signs on school grounds.  They gave the board plenty of feedback in a listening session.

The mother of  a high schooler, Christina, said she supports the school board’s vote to ban Black Lives Matter and Gay Pride signs and flags on school grounds.  “Regardless of how often or how loudly people who oppose the ban say it’s a political decision, that argument makes absolutely no sense. Can you please leave the teaching of beliefs and values to parents and get back to teaching our kids.”

A father of three Newberg school district graduates argued the school board was right to vote in favor of banning political signs and flags on school grounds.  “If some political groups are allowed in our schools, what additional ones should be supported and promoted, and which ones should not?  And who gets to decide? From my view, it’s a very slippery slope,” he said.

However others disagree, including the teachers’ union, which is suing to stop the ban

And many parents are upset.

Kelly  has three kids in Newberg schools.  “We specifically bought a house in Newberg because it had a dual language program and that felt like a safe and diversified environment,” she said. She referenced a teacher’s aide showing up wearing Blackface to an elementary, and students joking in “slave trade,” on social media, about buying their Black classmates.  “We’re against Blackface and we’re against slave trade but the fact is that the actions of these four board members have specifically laid the foundation that this sort of behavior is okay in our schools, and it is not okay.”

Jack also blamed the board: “It has been disgusting to learn about slave trade by students and Blackface by staff at Newberg schools.  This board and others can be blamed for an atmosphere that condones vulgar language and outright racist acts,” he said.

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