New York Locks Down as Trump Shuts Down Mexican Border, Speeds Availability of Medical Supplies

On Friday, New York joined California in confining nearly all residents to their homes in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. “We’re going to close the valve, because the rate of increase in the number of cases portends a total overwhelming of our hospital system,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said as cases in the state climbed to more than 7,000 and the death toll reached at least 38. Like in California, New Yorkers will be allowed to leave the home for exercise or to run essential errands.

Meanwhile, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to order the manufacturing of medical supplies like ventilators to be delivered to the front lines. Trump also reached an agreement with Mexico to restrict non-essential travel across the two countries’ shared border, just as the U.S. and Canada decided to do with their border on Wednesday.