New Year – New Music

2018 was a blur when it comes to this music project.

It’s gained support from a lot of different places! I’ve had releases on some pretty excellent labels like G-Mafia, Immersed Music, HOB and more.

This year I am excited to announce we are going to keep it moving with the release of my first EP of 2019 “Sitcoms” on one of my favorite labels in Seattle.. “Late Night Munchies!”

You can preview the tracks hear and pick it up anywhere you buy/stream music on 1/5!



Bro-tivation With Huggie & Clay Bird Ep. 4 Huggie & Ice Play Guess That Lyric Bro-tivation With Huggie And Clay Bird Ep. 3 Protect Ya Neck There’s A New DJ In PDX KFC Just Changed The Game