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New Snacks: Taco Bell Flatbreads And Lay’s Cheetos Chips

Taco Bell‘s  ever-changing menu welcomed loaded nacho fries and now a lineup of three new flatbreads for just a buck!

Some pointed out they are just rebranding their Gorditas…but regardless seem to be delicious!


Available now nationwide, the new Flatbread Taco include the Beefy Potato Flatbread Taco which has crispy potatoes all wrapped in a flatbread taco shell with beef and cheese sauce. The second is the Loaded Chicken Flatbread Taco with marinated all-white-meat grilled chicken and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado ranch sauce, and cheddar cheese. Or the Loaded Black Bean Flatbread Taco with all of the fixings of the Loaded Chicken Flatbread Taco, but with black beans in place of the chicken.

And Lay’s is tossing out limited edition flavors of Doritos, Funyuns and Cheetos flavored chips!

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