ADA WorldwideAfter a somewhat lengthy hiatus, Neon Trees — best known for their hits “Everybody Talks” and “Animal” — are back with a new song called “Used to Like.”

The Utah-based quartet took a break starting in 2015. During that time, frontman Tyler Glenn put out a solo album called Excommunication that documented his ideological split with the Mormon Church and his life as a gay man. He also starred on Broadway in the musical Kinky Boots

The musical inspired Tyler to regroup with the other three members of the band and write new material. In 2017, Neon Trees told ABC Radio that their reunion was “a little bit awkward,” given that the rest of the band members are still Mormons, but they said they were moving forward.  Also in 2017, they released a stand-alone single, “Feel Good.”

“Used to Like” is out now, and their fourth album is due next year.

The chorus of the song features Tyler singing, “Get back to what you used to like about me.” He explains that the song is about wanting to return to the feeling you get in the early days of a relationship, when everything seems perfect.

“There’s a bliss period in a relationship with another person where you’re not able to see the flaws or the problems, because the joy of being together over shadows it,” he explains.

“All the things that complicate it or scare you are the very things you used to like about it,” Tyler continues. “This song is about wanting so bad to get back to that time, that feeling, that energy, and the lengths you will go to in order to get there.”

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