ABC/Steve Iervolino(ATLANTA) — Tyler Perry has a big vision for his Tyler Perry Studios. In addition to the 12 sound stages that are housed on his 330-acre lot in Atlanta, Perry says he’s also making a space for those in need.

“You know what, right now I’m dreaming about how do I build this shelter for trafficked girls, boys and battered women,” Perry told Essence.

Perry later expounded on his vision, telling CBS‘ Gayle King that he plan to create a space for LGBTQ youth and women who don’t have a place to go.

“Having a compound that is a beautiful place right here somewhere on this 330 acres, where they’re trained in the business and they become self-sufficient, they live in nice apartments, there’s daycare, there’s all of these wonderful things that allows them to re-enter society and then pay it forward again,” Perry said. “That’s what I hope to do soon.”

As previously reported, Perry told ABC Audio that he hoped his studio opening would serve as inspiration to others.

“My whole intention tonight, my whole hope is that somebody gets inspired,” he said. “If that happens then, I’m good, I’m good. So that is that, that is what I feel. I want to inspire somebody — to dream, to believe that they can do it too. No matter where he came from.”