Now that the talent lineup for the Super Bowl is complete, the prop bets — the ones where you can bet on silly things that have nothing to do with the actual game — have been updated.

The online sports betting site Bovada is now offering odds on, for example, which song Maroon 5 will perform first during the halftime show, or what color shirt Adam Levine will be wearing when the performance starts. 

You can also bet on whether or not Adam will team with one of the announced guest performers — Outkast rapper Big Boi — to perform “Mic Jack,” a song the two recorded together in 2017.

You can also bet money on legendary soul singer Gladys Knight‘s performance of the National Anthem.  For example, you can bet on whether her rendition will be longer or shorter than one minute and 45 seconds, whether or not she’ll forget or omit a word, and whether or not she’ll be wearing pants or some kind of skirt, dress or gown.

Previous prop bets are also still up for grabs, such as whether or not Christina Aguilera will appear to perform “Moves Like Jagger,” or whether the band will play more than seven songs.

Just so you know, right now, the money’s on “One More Night” to be the first song, that Adam will likely wear a black shirt, that he will perform “Mic Jack” with Big Boi and that Christina won’t appear.  It’s 50/50 as to whether or not the band will play more than seven songs.

As for Gladys’ performance, the money’s on her rendition of the anthem to be longer than a minute 45, that she’ll be wearing a skirt, dress or gown, and that she will NOT forget or omit a word.

And finally, the odds that anyone will “take a knee” during the national anthem are extremely low.

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