Source: YouTube

Christian Bowers is 24 and has Down Syndrome, but likes to do normal guy stuff like go bowling and play video games. Bowers never had a problem making friends…until he graduated from school. That’s when many people with Down Syndrome start to struggle to maintain a social life.

His mom, Donna Herter, watched her son start to spiral into depression. So she turned to Facebook with a post asking if any local guys near Rochester, Minnesota, could come hang out with Christian for two hours. She offered up $80 for their time. She’s a nurse that works at night so she posted it at 4:00 AM before the end of her shift then went to bed. When she woke up, she was floored to see it had 5,000 comments!

“I was freaking out. My hands were shaking, I was sweating. I was just looking for some local guys, I didn’t want to invite like the entire world into our house,” she told CBS News.  She eventually found 7 guys from Wentzville, Minnesota, who visit Christian once a week on a rotating schedule. Herter says it’s made all the difference! Christian now goes to sleep with a smile on his face and he’s excited about life again!