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“Modern Family” Star Helps Rescue A Woman In Utah National Park

Earlier this week, Julie Bowen ended up coming to the aid of a woman who had fainted while hiking in a national park in Utah.

Minnie John is from New Jersey and was on vacation with her family at the state’s Arches National Park when she started to feel sick.  She told her family members to go on without her as she took a break on a rock, but then she fainted only to wake up to a familiar voice.

Bowen was with her sister, who is a doctor, and they were cleaning up John’s wounds and giving her electrolytes while she was coming to.

John wrote on Facebook, “I wondered if I might be watching TV,” “I asked her again if I knew her or was she famous,” John wrote. Bowen’s sister gave her one hint: Modern Family. Turns out it was pretty lucky Bowen and her sister were there because John is diabetic and fainted due to low blood sugar. Her family was 20 minutes away once they called them to tell them what happened.

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