Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesIf there’s ever an artist that went through an intense transformation over this decade, Miley Cyrus is probably someone who comes to mind.  However, when fans began posting images comparing 2010 Miley to 2019 Miley, the results were eye raising for a variety of surprising reasons.

Obviously, the Disney star turned Happy Hippie Founder was constantly making headlines year after year for her outrageous antics, from stepping away from her iconic role as Hannah Montana, coming in like a wrecking ball mid-decade, to sliding away from ex-husband Liam Hemsworth just months ago.

So, when the 27-year-old challenged fans to do a decade roundup in photos, the results weren’t disappointing.  Mostly because it showed just how much 2010 Hannah Montana Miley looks pretty much like the current Miley. 

From the blonde hair and bangs she rocked at the start and end of the decade to the black-winged getup from 2010’s “Can’t Be Tamed” to 2019’s “Don’t Call Me Angel,” the meme shows that she’s still very much the same person.

Friends and fans flooded the comments section to marvel over her evolution.  Fellow former-Disney star Vanessa Hudgens cheered, “These are amazing. Keep sparking bb,” while school supplies mogul Lisa Frank wrote “MOTTO!” 

Guess it proves that, no matter which year or decade it is or was, she’s just being Miley.