Radio Disney/Richard HarbaughDespite garnering a reputation for drinking and smoking weed, as evidenced by her 2013 hit “We Can’t Stop,” Miley Cyrus opened up about her sobriety during an Instagram live on Sunday.

“I’m four months sober,” the 26-year-old revealed in a now-deleted Instagram live video.  “It’s the best I’ve ever felt. I’m radiating.”  

Miley revealed that her announcement was cut short because her phone died, so the video wasn’t saved.  To make up for it she posted another Instagram live video, this time on a split-screen with her boyfriend Cody Simpson.  The two tried on various filters and traded playful jabs between interacting with fans in the chat.

When a fan asked the two about their first kiss, they shockingly revealed that they don’t remember where it took place, but estimate it happened three to five years ago. 

“You were a cougar, though,” the 22-year-old Australian singer joked, “Still are.”

“Cougar and cub, baby,” Miley retorted with a smile.

In August, Cyrus came clean about her past drug use in a candid Twitter thread. 

“It is no secret that I was into partying in my teens and early 20’s. I have not only smoked, but advocated for weed, I’ve experimented with drugs, my biggest song to date is about dancing on molly and snorting lines in the bathroom,” she tweeted on August 22 in response to rumors that she cheated on her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

While Miley’s newfound sobriety coincides with her split with Hemsworth, her healthier lifestyle might have been influenced by Cody.

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Last Tuesday, Simpson’s manager Matt Zeidman told People that “They’re both sober now and are focused on health, work and spending time together. Seems pretty ideal to me.”