iStock/Zoa-ArtsMiley Cyrus is out of the hospital and into the arms of her new man, Cody Simpson.  The singer confirmed the new relationship on her Instagram Stories, which currently features the two kissing over a bowl of soup along with the caption, “soup is an aphrodisiac.”

Another Instagram Story post features a clip of a song that Cody wrote for Miley, which may be called “Golden Thing.”  He sings, “Crystal dream, Cali queen/ Radiant hand, vibrant sand/ I’m shot/ It’s a golden thing she’s got.”

However, what really got fans talking is her unsettling now-deleted Instagram story, where the two rub their tongues together while using the clown mask filter.

The video starts with the scantily-clad pair laying on a bed and leaning in before Miley starts licking the shirtless Cody. The two then burst out laughing after they wrestle tongues. 

All of this happens as the Joker’s iconic laugh plays in the background of the video.

Cody recently revealed he had a crush on the “Slide Away” singer since he was 12.  The two were friends before Miley began dating actor Liam Hemsworth, who she eventually married.  The two split in August and Miley briefly moved on to Kaitlynn Carterbefore that relationship expired in September.

Liam has since publicly confirmed a relationship with Madison Brown, a fellow actor. 

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