Epic RecordsHours after revealing the January 31 release date of her third studio album Treat MyselfMeghan Trainor treated fans to a brand new track on Wednesday called “Workin’ On It.”

The song, which doubles as a self-love anthem, opens with Trainor singing about what triggers her insecurities.  “Never been asked to dance/ ‘Cause I never been the pretty one/ Never like compliments/ ‘Cause it’s always been so hard belivin’ them,” the 25-year-old reveals in a vulnerable breathy voice before acknowledging that her mentality needs to change.

The song explores how Trainor tries to understand what her husband Daryl Sabara sees when he calls her “beautiful” because she’s “still not used to this.”

“Tryna be good to me/ I should give myself way more love/ I’m my worst enemy/ I’m the voice who says, ‘I’m not good enough’,” Trainor gently confesses before avowing that she will continue to work on her self esteem.

The song also features vocals by Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan.

“Workin’ on It” is the third single released from Trainor’s upcoming 15-track Treat Myself, which arrives shortly after her first wedding anniversary.  She previously dropped “No Excuses” in March and “Wave” in September. 

Fans have been waiting for three years for Trainor’s next album.  Her last, Thank You, came out in 2016.

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