Chase McKeown and wife Nicole were enjoying their weekly date night at a restaurant in Kentucky, this past weekend when something went horribly wrong: An armed robber burst into the eatery and threatened a cashier with a gun. Luckily, the McKeowns are also local cops, so they sprung into action and quickly busted the criminal. Surveillance video shows the McKeowns quickly getting up in unison and drawing their weapons on the suspect before running toward him. The robber quickly fled the restaurant and gave chase on foot, but was ultimately arrested on the streets of downtown Louisville.

Chase and Nicole are cops in nearby Elizabethtown, whose local police department wrote on Instagram, “We couldn’t be more proud of two of our finest, Detective and Officer McKeown. You read that right: they are married! While on a date night in Louisville this past weekend, the two thwarted an armed robbery at Raising Cane’s restaurant. Surveillance shows the courageous and selfless actions they took to intervene. They were just trying to have a peaceful date night!”