ABC/Image Group LAOne of Mariah Carey‘s former nannies hopes to drag the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” artist to court over allegedly stiffing her paystubs.

TMZ reports that the woman, Maria Burgues, claims she watched Carey’s now-eight-year-old twins between 2017 and 2018, but was worked to the bone with very little compensation.  She says she worked on a salary that was supposed to pay her $25 an hour.

Burgues further claims in the legal docs, which TMZ obtained, that she worked without taking mandatory breaks, such as lunch, and worked around the clock for her employer by sometimes running errands that weren’t related to the children.

The former nanny also points a finger at one of Carey’s bodyguards, who is not named, for causing her emotional harm.  She claims that the bodyguard treated her horribly in public and continued putting her in dangerous situations, such as nearly getting into a car crash because he was on his phone.

Burgues is demanding her unpaid wages in full and for unspecified damages.

As for Mariah, her legal team scoffed at the suit and told TMZ, “This is a legally and factually baseless claim that will be defended with vigor.”

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