Mariah Carey hilariously crashes her eight year old daughter’s high note challenge

ABC/Heidi GutmanIf you ever wondered if Mariah Carey‘s eight year old twins inherited her singing talent, we almost had our answer on Tuesday.

Carey uploaded a short TikTok video of her daughter Monroe taking part in the viral High Note Challenge, where the eight year old is seemingly belting out the same notes that made her mother famous.  

Monroe even mimics some of her mom’s mannerisms, from holding a hand next to her ear to dramatically moving along with the notes.  In short, her performance is extremely convincing.

However, the camera then pans to the side and reveals the truth, it’s actually Mariah who was singing all along.  The “Vision of Love” singer had been standing off to the side while her daughter tried taking all the credit.

“Mommy,” Monroe whines when she realizes the jig is up, to which the “Fantasy” singer grumbles in exasperation, “What!?  You said do the high notes!”

With that, the video ends with Monroe adorably storming off as Mariah dramatically rolls her eyes.

“When your daughter wants to do a #highnotechallenge,” Carey jokingly captioned the now viral video to her Twitter.  As of late Tuesday, the video racked up nearly half a billion views.

While the jury is still out whether or not Monroe inherited her mom’s pipes, this video proves that Mariah is still extremely capable of delivering her famous whistle register.

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