Portland, Or. -A toddler who wandered into a home at NE 28th Avenue and Prescott Street has been claimed. She walked into the home early this morning in her pajamas and the homeowner called police. Police knocked on doors in a 14 block area looking for her parents, but came up empty handed. The father, who called 9-1-1, said he was staying with family outside that area and woke up and found Mya was not in her bed.

Police say the father  says he and  his daughter are from Washington State and are visiting grandparents in Portland. The father says its a newer house and the latch was not latched. Police say the father was very distraught and upset.  He’ll be interviewed by police and DHS before he’s reunited with the child. Police say the little girl was resilient and walked more than 14 blocks and add “she earned her morning Cheerios; that’s for sure.”